why should you visit Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park is Uganda’s biggest unique tourist destination and blessed national park with a variety of tourist attraction activities and sitting on the shores of Lake Albert  in north western Uganda whose nearest city is Masindi. It takes approximately 5-6 hour drive to reach this stunning park and here you will be welcomed by the shying away baboons and the boasting lots of flora and fauna plus the mammal species. Presently, the spotlight of a visit to the Murchison is the launch trip up the stream to observe the falls and riverbank wildlife.  Here are some of the eye catching reasons why you should visit Murchison falls national park;

MURCHISON FALLS; Murchison falls is characterized by external war between rocks and water. The water violently compress through a narrow gorge, spraying misty droplets along their wake over a 50m radius hence creating a permanent rainbow over the battlefield and causes a continuous roar making you create lifetime memories and expand your network.

RIVER NILE;  A boat cruise along the Nile to the foot of Murchison falls with the instagrammable sunsets is  a rewarding experience for nature lovers and a perfect way  to unveil the hidden beauty of the country and the northern bank teems with a variety of mammals, birds and reptiles. Enjoy a drink while on a boat cruise that will help you enhance depth and integrativeness of thought.

FLORA AND FAUNA; The park is subjugated by woodland, wetland, savannah as well as tropical forest that is well known to be a habitant for over 76 mammal species like the hippo, Rothschild’s giraffe ,warthog among others and over 450 different bird species that will all create life time experiences.

NOCTURNAL GAME DRIVES; this is one of the highlights that are not to be missed. On nocturnal game drives, you can get a chance to see predators of the night out on the prowl such as the lions, leopards, hyenas and serval cats. It is about two hours in length and usually takes place at dusk and after darkness has set in and this is something we suggest not to miss because spotlights are used for the night game drives in the park this way there is no much you can miss thus improving your brain capacities while you don’t feel bad for spending money.

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