Why rent a safari land cruiser for a road trip

A safari land cruiser is a four wheel drive car customized for safaris and camping tours that accommodates around 8 people and has space for cargo making it good for family trips and a very strong vehicle, spacious with an open roof for better views during your trips. It is one of the most used safari vehicles because of its comfort and improved versatility indeed part of the lasting African safari experience with a fitted UHF radio call, game viewing hatches, cooler boxes to carry drinks and a load compensating suspension for a smooth ride on rough roads plus 2 fuel tanks to ensure you go long trips without worrying that fuel may run out

With a safari land cruiser no wildlife can go unnoticed from this view point since it has a unique suspension systems and open sided tiered sitting arangment specially designed to maximise your comfort and game viewing opportunities and more to that, it is designed to tackle rough road challenges and operate even in the toughest environments like on rough muram since its strongly built with a large capacity suitable to enhance game viewing in the national parks and reserve.

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