What to pack for a safari in Uganda?

What to Pack for a safari in Uganda?

What to pack for a safari will determine how much you will enjoy and have memories on your safari, just imagine you are out for a safari and you don’t have that what it takes to be a true safari personnel. You will black out and miss all the memories that you have been longing for, so I will jot down some of the things that you will need to make a perfect day off for a safari.

Friendly clothes fit for a safari

Going out for a safari one should have the necessary out fit that will correspond to the type of safari he is going to. Weather, culture, vegetation, type of activity greatly determines which cloths you must put on, your clothes should have a color that blends in with your environment. Some cloths with dull colors are good in scaring away animals which reflects bad conduction with the gifts of nature. Long sleeved shirts and pants, water proof trousers, hiking boots and leather gardening gloves are good to accompany the clothing while on a safari for a better experience.

Still cameras and camcorders

A safari couldn’t be more interesting without cameras, then that couldn’t be a safari without one. For memories and unforgettable experiences on safaris, it is advisable to carry a camera so as you can have what to talk of and to see after that, one thing you shouldn’t forget is to carry enough battery for the cameras or carry a convertible adapter for easy charging while at the camp or in a lodge.

A day pack

A day pack is a small bag that carries the day’s needs for a comfortable safari, it may have your packed lunch, rain poncho, sanitizers, a journal, flash light and wipes. Endeavor not to pack a lot to be a heavy burden on your safari.

A Medical Kit

This item could be convenient and needful for any sudden acts may happen on your safari, and this could offer perfect medication. An insect repellant, an aids kit with bandages, cotton, antiseptics, is a must, preventive medication for head aches, pain and stomach ache is also needed. The medicines should have proper prescriptions for any chronical disease.

Mobile phone, tablet, or iPad

Most of the lodges and hotels that you will go to have free Wi-Fi and this could be ideal if you want to keep up with the social world and upload your experiences, then these items will be ideal on such a safari tour as you keep informing people close to you about the tour.

Documents and miscellaneous items

A passport, ticket, travel insurance documents and safari itinerary, cash in foreign currency, locks for your luggage and alternative form of identification in case of pass port loss. You will greatly need these items for a secure safari trip.

Sun protection gear

Weather conditions in Uganda keep on changing from now and then, this implies that you should be equipped with needful items like the sun protection gear since our country is known for having effect with the over head sun yet there are also the chilly mornings that are cool for the morning game drives. Besides the packed clothes ready for any weather changes, there are other things like the sunscreen; the sun some times gets brutal and this gives it need to be well equipped with these to take away the discomfort of the scorching sun. A wide brimmed safari hat one with a cod to prevent it from being blown off while in the wild. Sun glasses may also be needful to carry due to the bright sun rays that may affect the eyes, lip balm and a moisturizer will be ideal for a safari.

The few things listed above are best for the safari but there are other items that may not be as needful as the latter, toiletries and items to support the local community may be or not needed on a safari. Toiletries are usually provided by the lodges and hotels as well as the laundry services, but some toiletries like tooth paste, tooth brush, shower shorts, soap and tampons for women should not be left out while coming for a safari especially during the camping time.