Top Traffic signs and Rules

There are over 100 traffic road signs and all drivers and road users must be aware of these signs, the purpose of the sign, where it is found and the action of the driver towards the sign. Some of the roads sign are warning signs put up  to warn the driver about particular things and these are commonly triangular, others are order or command signs, which command the driver and other road users what to do in that particular area and these are usually circular or with a triangle upside-down, other signs are under information signs that give drivers information ahead like gas station ahead, hotel ahead and these are rectangular then guidance signs are usually green and white and guide drivers where to  go next, towns and districts ahead and road markings.


The stop signs are likely the most important of all traffic signs. Both the color and shape are very significant to how the particular signs are understood and reorganized. Visually no other sign has a pentagon shape and likewise no other sign is red in color, this is done because of the great importance a stop sign has on traffic safety. The stop sign alerts driver that are driving towards the intersections, or other areas where traffic maybe flowing in the opposite direction or even cross direction. For all professional drivers must be knowing how and when to use the Stop sign.

No U turn:

The No U turn sign is used to express clear information to all drivers in areas where one cannot change direction of their vehicle into an opposite direction. In most area this sign is presented with a curved arrow that shows a u turn and bold prohibition symbol over it.

Pedestrian crossing

This sign is used majorly near cross walks intersections, schools and hospitals and it alerts drivers to  slow down or drive in mind knowing that people can cross the road anytime especially for the children. This particular traffic sign widely uses yellow- green colors that are very visible to  all road users.  

No Parking:

The No Parking sign is in red color and many of the traffic road signs in red are mostly prohibitive signs. This sign informs drivers that they are not allowed to park in a specific area where this sign has been placed. It is very important to respect this sign because by parking a vehicle in prohibited area, can cause a lot of damage to the road users or even the car itself.

Men at Work

This particular sign alerts drivers about road works going on in particular areas. These signs are usually accompanied by other signs like road diversion, red and green flag directions. Drivers should put in consideration such signs to avoid any damage of driving in to risk parts of the road, or cause harm to the people at work.

Animal crossing

This sign warns drivers of animal that may cross the road any time in the particular area. This sign is usually in areas near national parks, domestic farms, swamps and forests. It is highly recommend of all drivers to be alert when driving in areas with such a traffic sign

Humps ahead

Many roads in Uganda have humps almost every few miles and these have helped a lot on decreasing road accidents by reducing driving speed of many cars. But these same humps can cause very fatal accidents in case a driver is not aware of their presence in a particular area. Therefore take keen and respect the humps ahead sign for safe driving.

No overtaking

Drivers that have failed to respect this particular traffic sign have ended up causing many accidents to themselves and other road users. This is an order sign, it orders the driver not to overtake in the particular area, because this area cannot contain level of speed required while over taking. This sign is mostly in areas close to schools, hospitals, narrow roads, busy centers and towns and many others.

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