Top 4 Activities Do When On Tour In Kibale Forest

Known as the primate capital of the world Kibale forest national park is located in western Uganda approximately 46km from the capital city Kampala. It is commonly known as the home of chimps and the most frequent parks in Uganda due to its high primate numbers, diversity of bird species and plant species so to enjoy the eye sighting of some activities one can decide to try it out. Kibale national park contains one of the most beautiful and with the most varying tracts of tropical forests in the whole of Uganda. Here are the top four activities to try out when in kibale forest national park;


Known as the best safari destination for chimpanzee trekking, it’s also ranked as number one primate by travelers to Uganda putting aside the shy endangered gorillas. Get excited as you’re on a trek and you see monkeys dancing and swinging on trees branches, feeding young ones and laughing. After trekking them you are given a chance to stay in their presence as much as you want and also while on the trek get a chance of sighting other different wildlife species like the colobus monkeys, vervets, blue monkeys and tsetse flies.


This is a fascinating and a breathtaking experience why most travelers flock to kibale national park. Here one can decide to extend their tour to western Uganda on the crater lakes around the national park that can be explored on foot. The top views allow the traveler to view a lot in the vicinity for example the rwenzori ranges, kichwamaba escarpments and the magnificent lake George. As you continue on your crater lakes tour, make sure that you make a stop at the Mahoma falls and take a shower at the bottom of the falls that will leave you wowing about natures beauty.


This is an amazing swamp in the tropical jungle of kibale forest filled with natural wonders that have amazed and delighted thousands per year as they trek this swamp. Even more than that the incredible plants, trees, palms, bigodi wetlands have become a must visit place.


This is an adventurous activity which takes a walk into the jungles of the forest of Kibale. it takes place at night and here you will have to be equipped with a high voltage torch and while on the trek you can get a chance to spot many animals for example the nocturnal such as hyrax potto, bush babies the serval cat and the civet.

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