Top 3 Rental Cars For Self Drive Road Trip In Uganda

A self drive road trip is a magnificent way to explore a country on your own, the privacy and itinerary flexibility add spice to any adventure and that’s majority of tourists nowadays prefer driving themselves over having a driver guide escort them.

Getting the right car for self drive trip is very crucial for successful road trip, not every car can handle all types of terrain. You need a rental car that can be be driven through the city or town streets and still pass through the rough park routes as well.

Below are the top 3 rental cars in Uganda you can book for self drive road trip anywhere in the country.

Rav4 – The 4×4 SUV is by far the most popular rental car to hire for self drive road trip in Uganda. Featuring an AC, MP3/CD/DVD player plus spacious cargo space in the rear, the Rav-4 has been on demand by couples and a group of 4 to 5 looking to explore the country.

Rates : From US$ 45 per day excluding fuel.

Land Cruiser Prado – The 4×4 station wagon is another vehicle tourists love to hire for self drive trips, it can accommodate up to 5 people and offers adequate space for cargo in the rear ; ideal for camping safaris as well as business tours in the city.

Rates : From US$ 80 per day excluding fuel

Safari Van – If you plan on touring Uganda as a group , then you ought to book a mini van and there is no better group van than the customized 4×4 safari van; it features a pop-up roof, cooler box and offers enough leg room for passengers as well as cargo.

Rates : From US$ 100 per day excluding fuel.

A self drive trip will always require an affordable car that can fit the number of people you re traveling with comfortably and also hold the cargo and camping gear and the above 3 rental cars fit the bill. You can rent any of the above cars for self drive trip in Uganda by sending an email to or call us on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.