Things to do in Entebbe

Located at the shores of the most magnificent lake in Africa Victoria, Entebbe is a city located in Central Uganda where the state house is also located, is famously known for having the largest commercial National Airport of Uganda and habituating the Zoo that has attracted many people from overseas just to come and witness the magnanimity of Entebbe. Entebbe is where most visitors arrive and depart more so being a town where you can explore various parks, places, Islands and our own national zoo. Arriving in Entebbe may seem boring right from the Airport through the main road but there is much more to discover away from the main road that will live you at a gaze. Entebbe for many times has provided nature lovers with most of their time, one can take leisurely walks, enjoy the tropical plants, trees, the sight and sound of birds and primates.

Looking for things to do in Entebbe, there are more than many beyond your expectations. The Botanical Gardens is the first impression that will draw you closer wanting to visit other places within Entebbe, the flowers, plants, monkeys and birds will make you want to stay for a full or half a day. If you are a birder then the Botanical Gardens is the place to go for introduction to birding, it has various bird species making it a birding section, so you can go over there and have the best of the pearl of Africa.

Sandy beaches can not ever miss within Entebbe being near Victoria, although Uganda is a land locked country, it has these sandy beaches, enjoy sunsets at the beach, lunch, dinner, sport like volley ball and many others. You can come over via the weekend and witness the beauty within the pearl, during week days the beaches are always quiet but it’s the weekends that are filled with many people that are there to relax. You can take a few sunset cruises for about 2 hours around the equator, if the day’s weather is perfect then this is the best way to end the day.

There is the famous Uganda Wild Life Centre that drives most of the youths and young kids to go and witness the various animals and study about them, it is really a nice palace to go that many people call the zoo. You can have afternoon mini safaris and also encounter with the chimps, if it comes to lodging, spend a night over because there are the best lodging facilities available. You can also have a chance to go to the Reptile Village and see all kinds of reptiles like snakes and crocodiles.

The Famous Ngamba Chimpanzee Island has become a popular instructive experience for the sanctuary of the chimps. It can be accessed via a slow boat or a speed boat which makes this an all day excursion and experience, for first transport then you can fly there and spend a night seeing the chimps during the feeding times. Many orphaned chimps all the way from the DRCongo are kept over here making it a chimp sanctuary.

That’s not all within Entebbe, there are other attractions that can spend your time moving to have something to do via there, you can involve in the golfing at Entebbe golfing course near the Botanical Gardens creating an artistic impression. When it comes to golfing, there has been an increasing fanbase by the Ugandans, there are other golfing courses and you will get a chance to golf on the African Continent in Uganda.

Visit Zika forest where the Zika virus was first discover but found in only zika forest, there you will see all the species of butterflies, monkeys and various tree species. You will be guided through the forest as it is not as dangerous as you may think., You will also be taught of the different ecological niche call them habitat levels within the forest taken by the animals especially insects. The Mabamba Swamps is another good one that you can’t leave without knowing, this is the best shoebill stock sighting that you will only find in Entebbe. We have only taken a little slicing on the cake but the simplicity within the tourist attractions in Entebbe signifies its magnanimity.