All About Masindi Town + Attractions

Masindi town is an interesting city located in the western region of Uganda on the road between Kampala and Murchison falls approximately 220 kilometers by road and this is quite a long journey distance for a first time tourist but it gives a rare opportunity to view touristic features along the way and there is a great number of tourist attraction that one who visit can broaden their cultural outlook .Masindi’s population is approximately 470,000 people.

Key touristic attractions in Masindi town

Murchison falls national park; this is one of the most valuable and a home to large varieties of wildlife whose attractiveness to tourists is enhanced by it’s very natural and scenic green landscape.In particullar,the park offers game viewing of indigenious wildlife such as lions, giraffes, and a variety of monkey species.

Buliisa Escarpment and hot springs; this gives an ideal opportunism to view effects of faulting.

Butyaba port; this is suitable and favourable for tourism investment.

Budongo forest
; this adventurous site offers nature and primate walks plus bird watching thus a key attraction for visitors to the center.

Wanseko community campsite; this is located on Lake Albert beach that offers expansive camping grounds, bird watching and canoeing.

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